Spicy Tuna Rice Cubes




If you don't know she cooks, now you know.

Yes I said it; crispy rice is LIFE.
To me, nothing beats crispy, chewy and a fresh twist. You can find a starter like this at Modern Japanese or Asian Fusion restaurants around the world and today I'll be sharing my version of this delicious dish with you. This recipe is special to me because Spicy Tuna is one of the first things I learned to prepare, back when I worked at a sushi bar (age 16). It brings back great memories!

Grocery list:
Sushi Rice
Rice Vinegar
Frying Oil
The Rice Cube (or a different tool to create cubes with)
Fresh Tuna (raw)
Japanese Mayo
Spring Onions
Japanese Chili Pepper (Nanami Togarashi)
Black Sesame

Let's get started.

Prepare your sushi rice by rinsing it in a strainer until the water runs clear, then cook the rice as you normally would. Right after taking the rice out of the pot and on to a big plate, evenly distribute the rice vinegar and let it chill. Always use a wooden spoon to handle the rice! When at room temperature, the rice is seasoned, sticky and ready to play with! This is where the Rice Cube comes in.


Put a small amount of rice in to the cube, close it and press tightly. (tip: keep a little bowl of water on the side to wet the cube and your hands to prevent the rice from sticking to it).
When you open it up your rice is pressed into a square shaped cube. While working on your cubes, you can start heating the frying pan.
When the oil is heated, deep fry the cubes (4 pcs at a time) until golden. Let them rest on parchment paper.

Spicy Tuna:
This couldn't get any easier. Chop the tuna in to tiny pieces and toss into a bowl. Add thinly sliced spring onions, mayo, nanami togarashi, black sesame seeds and mix this all together.

Place a little bit of this mixture on top of your crispy rice cubes and decorate to your liking.

Enjoy <3

shecooksAlix Camille